Lisa & Bryant

Our Story

“Wow, you’re taller than I thought”

Of all the things I could have said, I started our first date with that line 🤦‍♀️ To be fair I’m just 5’2” and Bryant has a full 13 inches on me, but still not my finest moment 😂

Despite awkward first impressions, Bryant gave me a chance and just a couple weeks ago on January 19th, he asked me to marry him!! When I sent an email last week about our engagement, so many of you wanted to know more and I decided to share our story on the blog this week.

One of the things that blows my mind the most is how many ways we almost didn’t meet. 

1. We met the old fashioned way,  Originally Bryant set his height minimum at 5’ 3”, but based on the height of his ex-girlfriend, he decided he could work with 5’ 2”. Changing that one inch, made all the difference 🤩

2. Let’s just say his profile photos didn’t do him justice… but for some reason I decided to chat anyway and I’m so glad I did :D

3. The first time we talked on the phone, he was working, and if I’m honest, boring to talk to. Plus, his voice was really annoying. I figured I ought to give him a chance when he wasn't working and we kept talking. 

4. I found out later, that my phone voice drove him crazy too, but somehow that didn’t scare him away. 

Early Dates

Despite all of this, on June 27th 2020 we went on our first date. By the time we left (and he walked me to my car ‘cause he’s the best like that), the restaurant had been closed for an hour… whoops!

For our second date, we went mini golfing and I learned just how patient and kind Bryant is. I’m kinda’ (read SUPER) competitive, so we wagered and decided the loser would buy dinner. Bryant kept score and despite my being terrible at mini golf, I “won.” He was too much of a gentleman to let me buy dinner. It’s the only time he’s ever let me win, but it was so sweet 🥰

A few reasons Bryant is AMAZING

Over the past year and a half I’ve learned there’s so much to love about Bryant. Narrowing down the list was rough, but here’s a few incredible things about my Fiancé

1. He’s incredibly patient. Words mean a lot to me, and I’m very careful to only say what I truly mean, so saying I Love you was a big deal. He actually waited nearly 2 months from the time he said those words, until I was ready to say them back.

2. He Supports me – As with many, the last couple years have been crazy. You probably don’t know this, but I’m a flight attendant (I just haven’t worked since April of 2020). He’s walked with me through furloughs, recalls, voluntarily leaves, incredible uncertainty, mental health struggles, job searches and so much more. Through it all, he’s always been there for me and done everything in his power to support me.

3. He’s hardworking – As a FedEx driver, I’m sure you can imagine how wild COVID has made work. But everyday he gives work his best and delivers hundreds of packages.

4. He puts family first – I can’t count or list the number of times I’ve seen Bryant intentionally put his family (and my family) first. It’s not always easy, but the ways he loves and supports his family show me so much about his heart!

5. Speaking of his heart- his is huge! Whether it’s mowing a friend’s lawn, giving gifts, or helping with a project, his desire to help others is truly incredible 💜

A Proposal

With all the above and so much more, I’m lucky to be doing life with Bryant. When we left for our Arizona Vacation, I thought he might propose, but I didn’t know for sure.

All week I was coming up with elaborate plans he could have thought of for the proposal (hello over thinking!!) In the end, the proposal was simple and perfect, in the most stunning location. We woke up early and drove about 4 hours to the Grand Canyon. After exploring the rim, we attempted to hike into the canyon, then decided we’d probably slip on the ice and die 😂

Just before sunset we visited Shoshone Point, which the person next to us on the plane really talked up. He was so adamant, we knew we had to visit. We found the deserted parking lot along with a trail, but the Grand Canyon was no where in site. As we hiked through the forest, we had some serious questions.

Finally, the Grand Canyon came into view. As we walked out to the point it was truly magnificent! Then I saw Bryant fumble with his phone and something glittered in the fading sunlight. At this point I knew what was coming but when he said “Hey Babe” I could hear his voice was closer to the ground and could hardly believe it was really happening!

I turned around, and there he was, on a knee and holding a ring. When he asked me to marry him, I couldn’t help holding his face tight, nearly crying (I’m getting teary eyed again just writing this) and emphatically saying yes. 

So Much More to Come

I always assumed, that I’d be completely taken by surprise when I got engaged but being 95% sure it was coming allowed me to soak in every moment. From enjoying my last day as his girlfriend, to noticing him nervously checking his pockets throughout the day, to thinking just before he proposed that “this is a moment I’ll remember forever.” I’m so glad that I knew the question was coming, everything about his proposal was perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with Bryant at my side, growing together, chasing our dreams together, crying together, serving God & each other, and continually learning to love each other better. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to discover what our future holds!

Thanks for reading our story, I love having this space to share not just about toys and collectibles, but also about our lives. Thank you for being in our Fam’ and for being a part of this journey we call life 💕