Hey there :)

I'm Lisa, one of my earliest memories is the day that my mom Brenda, gave my dad, Will, a gift that changed the course of our lives. The gift itself, a Beanie Baby, seemed simple enough... But the thing is, my dad looks at everything through the eyes of an entrepreneur. My Grandpa had been a tool and die maker, and my dad had taken over the family business. 

When he looked at that Beanie Baby, Bubbles the Fish was no ordinary stuffed animal, it was a business opportunity. This was the 90's and the height of the Beanie Baby craze and Beanie Babies were THE hot thing. 

So my parents got busy. At the time Ty was limiting the number of resellers who could buy directly from them. Brenda and Will have never had a brick and mortar store, and Ty was discouraging the sale of their products online... oh how times have changed! But my Dad didn't let that stop him. Instead he got creative and slowly but surely expanded the business. 

I was about 8 years old when I got my first job, putting Beanie Babies into bags of a dozen. I'd earned 10 cents per bag, and every penny was spent on my own Beanie Babies. I'm convinced my "help" actually cost my parents money back then. But it taught me the value of both money and hard work. 

As time went on, the business expanded into more collectible items and other plush toys. Until now, we've sold to our customers through Amazon and eBay. In order to remove the middle man, and connect more families to the collectibles and toys they love, I was tasked with building this website. 

Many of my earliest memories revolve around Beanie Babies, Goochy the Jellyfish was the first Beanie I bought with my own money, Bones the Dog was my sister Sarah's favorite, and for some reason, Flip the Cat always reminds me of my older sister Rachael. Every time I ship one of those Beanies out I smile not just at the memories I have, but out of excitement for the memories you will create with them. 

Creating Memories and Connecting Families to new Treasures, while providing jobs for those in our community. That's what Treasure Keeper is all about, and it's why we are thrilled that you are here! 

Much Love, 

Will, Brenda & Lisa

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